How Ramona Home Sellers can Save Money and Sell Fast

How Ramona Home Sellers can Save Money and Sell Fast

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Ramona Home SellersWhen you are ready to list your house Ramona home sellers will most likely have two large concerns: how fast can you sell the Ramona house and can you get a good price for your home? The idea of your Ramona home selling for less than you can afford or it sitting on the market for months at a time are a big reason some people are afraid to list their house in the first place.

Below are some ideas to help Ramona home sellers sell quicker and with fewer headaches:

Save Money on Staging

Many Ramona home sellers have heard that staging a home will help it sell faster and for a larger amount. That is true, but staging can be expensive.

Thankfully, there are a couple of ways to get around this cost. One is that most staging companies will charge you per room. That means you may only be able to focus on a couple of areas such as the foyer, kitchen, master bedroom.

Another option is virtual staging. Virtual staging involves tech-savvy companies taking pictures of your Ramona home and then digitally inserting furniture and decorations into the pictures so that all of your listing photos are staged. This is much cheaper than traditional staging, but still accomplishes staged photos.

Increase Your Curb Appeal

The first thing that impacts prospective buyers when they pull up to your Ramona house is your curb appeal. According to a recent study, curb appeal can boost the sales value of your home by up to 17%.

Whether you choose to do the work yourself or to hire a professional, taking care of the exterior of your home will bring your returns as well as making it more aesthetically pleasing for you while you are still living there.

Social Media Marketing

Today’s Ramona home market is mostly viewed through technology. For this reason Ramona home sellers will want to consider putting your advertising budget toward promoting your listing via social media. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram reach many people and will go a long way in getting your home noticed.

Add Light to Your Home

Dark areas in your Ramona home come off looking small, dingy, and unappealing. A simple fix is to add lighting.

You can add natural light by changing your window treatments, or you can add artificial light. Lamps will add artificial light, but you can also install mirrors or go for a more drastic and appealing change by adding can lights to the ceiling.

Highlight Your Upgrades

When you have upgrades in your Ramona home, make sure those are highlighted in your listing and to the buyers real estate agents. Upgrades and updates are attractive across the board, but even more so if they are energy efficient.

Pump Up Your Home

Don’t be afraid to draw interest to your Ramona home by talking about it and bragging on it. Ramona home sellers can do this before it is even listed in order to draw some interest. You should be proud of your home and if you are, chances are that buyers would be proud to call it their home as well.

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