Room by Room Staging Strategies for Vista Home Sellers

Room by Room Staging Strategies for Vista Home Sellers

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Vista Home SellersStaging has been a time tested strategy for helping sell a Vista home faster and for more money. Although many Vista home sellers skip this stage, it is imperative if you want to get the most out of your house.

Here are some strategies for staging rooms in your Vista house.


Clean walls are a must. A dirty or grimy bathroom is a huge turnoff for any potential buyers. Bathrooms must be cleaned well and have a fresh coat of paint applied.

If your walls have tile then the tile and grout need to be clean. You can even have the tile re-glazed or painted to get a fresh, crisp look.

Shower doors can ruin the look or feel of a nice bathroom. If you cannot get the doors and the frame completely clean then it is best to replace the shower doors with an updated curtain rod. The benefit of this is that your bathroom will feel cleaner and the open feeling it creates by getting rid of the doors will make the bathroom feel larger as well.


Chances are that the cabinets that were in style when they were installed are out of style and in need of a makeover. Instead of spending all that money on new cabinets, Vista home sellers can strip the current ones down and then either paint or stain the cabinets for an entirely new feel in your kitchen. Adding new handles to the cabinets and drawers will help your kitchen to look fresh and new.

Not all Vista home sellers can all afford to purchase brand new appliances, but giving your old ones a good cleaning will go a long way in adding appeal to your kitchen. For extra appeal take the cover off of your dishwasher, clean it, and add a stainless steel stick-on covering to update the look.

Fill in any holes in the walls or cabinets before adding new paint. Update your hanging light fixtures to something more trendy and before you know it, your kitchen will look like you spent money on a large remodel.

If you have extra money, spending it on granite countertops will bring a good return on your investment.

Living Room

Start with the flooring. Outdated or dirty carpet will be very unappealing to Vista buyers. Replace the carpet with hardwood floors, or even better, if you have hardwood floors under the carpet, remove the carpet and refinish the hardwood floors.

Stage your built-ins. Buyers enjoy built-ins, but not if they are cluttered, dirty, or falling apart. Make sure the built-ins are in good condition and then apply new paint or stain. Once you have the built-ins looking nice, stage items that play off each other well and are displayed nicely. Be sure to avoid clutter or just filling the space with junk.

Like in the other rooms, the walls are important. Repair any holes in walls and put a fresh coat of paint wherever needed. Add pictures or art that compliment your color choices nicely and finally make sure the window treatments are clean and let in plenty of light.

When it comes time to sell, Vista home sellers need leverage every tool available to them. When done thoughtfully, staging can be an excellent pieces of any Vista home seller’s strategy.

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