These Terms are Negotiable for Escondido Home Buyers and Sellers

These Terms are Negotiable for Escondido Home Buyers and Sellers

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Escondido Home BuyersOnce Escondido home buyers have done all the hard work of finding the location of where you want to live and then finding the right house, you have to make an offer for that house. With that in mind Escondido home buyers have to know that when you are making your offer, you can negotiate on certain items.

With the low inventory of Escondido houses, buyers have been willing to make concessions in order to boost their offer to the sellers. These concessions have included being more willing to take on additional costs in the purchase of the Escondido home, letting the seller have more time to move out of their house, and even being willing to skip the home inspection in some circumstances.

This is a tough market for Escondido home buyers as you are constantly competing with other buyers for the limited amount of supply of homes. This is even more of a problem in the mid-level market. To get a leg up on other Escondido home buyers consider putting these additional items in your offer in order to make the offer less about the price and more about the entire package.

Transaction Closing Costs

This is one of the most common concessions that are included in an offer. The closing costs include many fees as well as the first or final payment that either side needs to make.

These items add up and amount to thousands of dollars at closing. Either side offering to pay the closing costs is a big deal to the other side and can push a deal forward.

What Stays With House

Different areas have different standards as to what items are included in the sale of a home. Typically, a home sale includes major appliances and light fixtures unless otherwise noted in the contract. Although this is the traditional way of doing things, it is not always known by each Escondido buyer or seller and there have been many disagreements over what was included in the sale.

For this reason, it is important for the Escondido home buyers and sellers to be on the same page about what is staying or going. Be sure to include anything important to either side in the contract.

This also applies to items the home buyers may want to make sure are removed from the Escondido house. For example, if they do not want the old refrigerator in the house because they want to bring their new one with them, they can stipulate in the contract that the seller removes the refrigerator.

Home Furnishings

Furniture is an item that is expected to go with the sellers of the Escondido house. If the home buyers want to keep the furniture, they would have to stipulate that at the same time they submit the offer for the home and hope that they seller would accept.

Most areas will require that the home furnishings be on a separate contract from the home, but both contracts can be submitted at the same time.

Upgrades or Home Repairs

Anything that the Escondido home buyers or the home inspection uncovers and the buyers want repaired or upgraded are negotiable. These things could include a bad roof, cracked and broken entryway, mold, or any number of  household repairs. The details of these requests need to be clear, and then if approved, followed up on to make sure both parties are happy.

Negotiations can be awkward and sometimes tense, but they can also help a sale move forward. Make sure as a buyer that you don’t ask for the “world” or you will move the Escondido seller toward another buyer.

As the Escondido seller don’t be too quick to shoot down any negotiations that the buyer brings up. It doesn’t mean you have to agree, but an open communication between the buyers and sellers will go a long way in accomplishing the sale of the Escondido home.

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